Cementitous Toppings

Barrier Corp. provides Chicagoland contractors and architects with a variety of the leading cementitious toppings. Our employees have been trained by the industry’s leading manufactures and have been installing cementitious toppings for many years.

Our crews will use self-leveling cementitious toppings to transform old, worn concrete slabs into concrete that looks like new. Cementitious topping can receive virtually any floor finish or be stained or colored as it is to create a decorative concrete floor finish.

We offer a wide range of cementitious toppings, ensuring we can meet the needs of any project’s individual challenges. Self-leveling toppings can be installed from ¼ to 1 inch thick and can be engineered to level the existing floor at a specified tolerance level that will exceed most FF and FL tolerances for concrete slabs.

Trowel-applied cementitious toppings typically are used on exterior concrete to create sloped surfaces for water drainage, or they can be stamped to create decorative patterns anywhere standard concrete can be used.

Thin-applied cementitious toppings are installed in thickness of 1/16 to 1/8 inch. They can be used to resurface old concrete or on new concrete slabs. These toppings can be applied to exterior slabs subjected to freeze-thaw cycles or to interior concrete with integral color added to create a decorative concrete look

To ensure customer satisfaction, a site inspection is required prior to installation to ensure the existing conditions are structurally sound. Once a system is specified, the necessary floor preparation and correct primer must be used to ensure adhesion to the existing concrete slab. Our crews follow the specified manufacturer’s quality-control procedures and testing, ensuring a high-quality installation and assurance to the customer that the flooring will be installed the right way the first time, every time.


Cementitious Toppings