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Learn about the history of KREZ GROUP, as well as what makes us a valued partner for any project.  Also, make sure to visit our other pages for even more information:

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What are the origins of KREZ GROUP?

In 1909 Paul J. Krez started the Paul J. Krez Company to furnish and install pipe and boiler insulation. Click here to learn of the beginning days of KREZ GROUP.

Who are typical customers of KREZ GROUP?

Our companies (Barrier Corp., John Caretti & Co. and Spray Insulations, Inc.,) primarily work with General Contractors, Property Managers, Manufacturing Facilities, Roofers and Architects.

What Product Lines does KREZ GROUP offer?

THE KREZ GROUP currently offers its customers numerous product lines designed to enhance, insulate and protect structures of all types. Details for each product line appear on the appropriate section of this site. See product line for the products that Barrier Corp., John Caretti & Co. and Spray Insulations, Inc. offers.

When did Paul J. Krez Company become KREZ GROUP?

The Paul J. Krez Company over time acquired other construction industry related companies beginning with Spray Insulations, Inc. in 1965. Barrier Corp. was purchased in 1981 and John Caretti & Co in 2000.  In 2005 KREZ GROUP was introduced as an umbrella company over all of the individual companies.

Can a customer contract with one KREZ GROUP company and then add another KREZ GROUP company by Change Order?

Absolutely, our goal is to provide single source responsibility and reduce paperwork for the customer.

Are KREZ GROUP tradesmen 100% union?

Yes. We are signatory to many different unions. Currently we work with Laborers, Carpenters, Plasterers, Operating Engineers, Cement Finishers, Terrazzo Mechanic and Terrazzo Finisher. We ensure all union dues and benefit payments are made in a timely manner

In what states does KREZ GROUP work?

A majority of our projects are located in the Chicagoland area. However, every year we also work on projects in Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and areas throughout Illinois.

Can KREZ GROUP provide a Lunch and Learn presentation to our project managers Highlighting 1 or 2 product lines?

Yes, most definitely. KREZ GROUP frequently provides Lunch and Learn presentations to General Contractors, Architects and Property Managers.  Please contact us to schedule one of these presentations.

Who have the Presidents of KREZ GROUP been over the years?
Founder Paul J. Krez led the company from 1909 until 1921, at which point John J. Krez took the reigns until 1950. Leonard O. Krez was President from 1950 to 1970, when Paul J. Helmer became President until 1994 when Paul K. Helmer was named President of the company.
What do our clients have to say about KREZ GROUP?
Please see the Testimonials provided on this site. You are invited to call our customers yourself and ask them about their experience with KREZ GROUP or any of our companies – Barrier Corp., John Caretti & Co., and Spray Insulations, Inc.