Traffic Coatings

Providing successful solutions to the waterproofing industry has been the driving force to success in the concrete protection market for Barrier Corp. for decades. Whether the owner, general contractor, or architect has an existing or new structure to protect, we offer the most extensive line of urethane and epoxy technologies from major manufacturers, such as Neogard, Tremeo, and Sika. Combined with our experienced certified crews, we provide the necessary track record for successful installations.

Traffic-bearing waterproofing systems provide protection of concrete substrates that lower maintenance costs, prolong the service life of substrates, and prevent scaling and spalling while providing excellent crack-bridging capabilities to prevent leaks in parking garages, balconies, stadiums, and mechanical rooms.

Systems vary among manufacturers in thickness required, type of system (solvent-based vs. 100 % solid “0” VOC low odor systems), flexibility, color, and texture.

The systems available comprise Vehicular Traffic Coatings, Pedestrian Traffic Coatings, and Mechanical & Equipment Room Traffic Coatings. The key factor for Traffic Coatings is to provide waterproofing and crack-bridging protection to prevent water or moisture from leaking into or through concrete substrates causing rusting of re-bar that will cause damage to structures and public areas while also protecting the structure during freeze-thaw cycles for exterior applications.

To ensure the highest level of quality control, top manufacturers require certification by all installers. Barrier Corp. offers crews with more than 20 years of experience installing both vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings. Joint warranties are available for labor and material.


General Traffic Coatings