Stained Concrete

The elegance and simplicity of stained concrete has transformed the construction industry, expanding the designer’s palette and creating a new spectrum of unique appearances. Architects, developers, and homeowners all benefit from being able to create more interesting surroundings with low maintenance requirements.

Barrier Corp. has been providing Chicagoland contractors and architects with the leading decorative-concrete products for many years. Our employees have been trained by the industry’s leading decorative-concrete specialists and have more than 10 years’ worth of experience transforming gray concrete into beautifully colored concrete floors.

Our crews will transform any concrete slab using acid-based stains from Butterfield Color and L.M. Scofield Co. Diamond-cutting decorative scores can be installed in the concrete slab, creating a variety of patterns or company logos.

Acid stains aren’t the only ingredients that can be used to color the concrete. Chemical stains can be applied to new or old concrete surfaces, as well as to previously colored ones. Metallic salts in the acidic water-based solutions react with hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) in the hardened concrete to create a permanently mottled and variegated look. Since no two concrete floors are alike, this chemical makeup creates a finished floor unlike any other floor appearance.

To ensure customer satisfaction, a site inspection is required prior to work to ensure the necessary floor preparations are performed and to determine if the existing concrete slab is suitable to receive a colored stain. Color selection will be chosen and a field sample should be installed for customers’ approval.


Stained Concrete