Exceptional Terrazzo Floors since 1884

As one of the leading Terrazzo Contractors, John Caretti & Co. relies on a team of seasoned office and field professionals to provide clients excellent floors from conception to finished product. In 2000 we became a division of the KREZ Group, a collection of companies that provide specialty services and products to the construction industry. John Caretti & Co. is among the country’s foremost designers and installers of terrazzo; we take tremendous pride in our terrazzo installation, restoration, and polishing processes.




New Terrazzo Installation

This thin-set product, 3/8 inches thick is available in unlimited matrix colors from which we can mix a wide variety of natural and exotic aggregates.

Select your terazzo system, design and colors, and layout, and John Caretti’s team of experts will transform your vision into reality.

Terrazzo Restoration

John Caretti & Co. provides high quality terrazzo restoration services for clients wishing to retain the classic appearance and appeal of an original floor. Existing terrazzo floors no matter the age can be restored to a designer’s original vision with a combination of patching, refinishing, and re-sealing.

Our library of formulas recorded over the last sixty years combined with our experience gives John Caretti an advantage in matching existing terrazzo floors.

Polished Concrete

Our polished concrete system includes performing gradual grinding and polishing of the concrete surface until it meets the desired level of gloss and aggregate exposure. Concrete flooring offers numerous advantages and a high polished concrete surface only adds to the appeal.

Although polished concrete is a relatively new concept in the construction industry we have been able to transfer our decades of grinding expertise from terrazzo to this process. Our personnel have been trained and certified from a number of manufacturers enabling us to provide extended warranties for your concrete finish.

  • Superior durability and performance in high traffic locations
  • Highly reflective, it projects a bright, clean and professional image
  • Multi-step polishing process allows the client to choose the desired sheen

Nearly all structurally sound concrete floors, even mastic covered, can be polished to give that bright shine that will enhance any building interior. Our team of specialists will inspect your concrete surface, and complete all necessary preparation work needed to ensure the concrete polishing by John Caretti & Co. exceeds your expectations.

Industrial Flooring

When technical expertise counts, customers call on John Caretti & Co. to complete the installation of quality industrial flooring materials in a number of settings that meet even the strictest functional demands. Caretti’s industrial flooring experience includes projects for buildings used in a variety of industries.

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Chemical Laboratories
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses

John Caretti & Co. professionals design and install different industrial flooring systems that are intended for specific uses and locations.

  • Decorative Systems – Color quartz systems use high-quality resins supplied from leading manufacturers to provide a decorative yet functional industrial flooring surface. This system is frequently used in laboratories, equipment wash areas, and bathrooms.
  • High-Temperature Systems – These specially designed systems are created for environments in which high-temperature water or high-temperature solutions are found. This flooring option is often found in kitchens and cleaning rooms.
  • Chemical Resistant Systems – Your flooring system can be designed to accommodate the specific chemicals in use at your facility. Our experts have equipped spaces with floors that might otherwise be damaged by acid wash or solvent solutions.

Our floors meet specific customer requirements, using the appropriate flooring material and system.  Our experience and ability to install durable flooring for facilities across a wide variety of industries make John Caretti & Co. the company that customers rely on most.