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In 1909 the Paul J. Krez Company was founded to provide customers with a reliable source of insulation and was quickly recognized by the mechanical construction industry for its quality and service. The company continued to expand into other businesses, and now includes a collection of niche specialty companies that provide customers with innovative solutions for a variety of construction needs. While offering an ever-expanding list of product lines, the Paul J. Krez Company evolved into KREZ GROUP and continues to serve its clients with the same intention the company was founded on: QUALITY WORK AT A FAIR PRICE FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND TRUST

Comprised of independent companies, KREZ GROUP is a collection of specialty subcontractors that serve the construction industry with quality products, superior service all at a fair price.

Barrier Corp. since 1985, provides the construction industry with Floor Leveling and Underlayments, Overlays and Decorative Concrete floors, Resinous Flooring, Traffic Coatings, Concrete Moisture Mitigation and Surface Preparation. Our systems, solutions, products and services are custom designed to meet the specific needs of every project and every space.

John Caretti & Co., since 1884, brings expertise to the art of designing and installing a variety of Terrazzo flooring products and finishes, polished concrete and industrial flooring.

Spray Insulations, Inc., since 1965, provides a complete solution to contractors’ Fireproofing, Spray Foam Insulation, and Acoustical Treatment needs, through a versatile selection of products.

Our dedicated and experienced professionals within each of the KREZ GROUP companies are well known and respected in their construction industry sectors. Now into our second century of serving the needs of our clients in the construction industry, KREZ GROUP looks forward to continuing our tradition of QUALITY WORK AT A FAIR PRICE FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND TRUST.

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PAUL J. KREZ was born in Neundstadt, Germany in 1869. He left Germany at the age of 21 to pursue the hopes and dreams of America and passed through Ellis Island finally settling in Chicago. Paul J. Krez began his employment in Chicago as a salesman for the Mundet Cork Company. Mundet Cork was a subcontractor specializing in the insulation of freezer rooms for the meat packing industry. With the Chicago Stockyards providing the country with most of their meat products, the insulation of meat packing freezer rooms was becoming a big business. After two years with Mundet Cork, Paul J. Krez decided to leave the company and start his own business as a subcontractor installing insulation products. In 1909, with $500 of borrowed money, Paul J. Krez formed his own business under the name of Paul J. Krez Company.

Paul J. Krez married Julia Loeffel and they had five children, Paul Jr, John, Leonard, Helen and Lillian.

Times were difficult but slowly his reputation for good service, quality of work and his strong German desire to improve himself and his small company were recognized in the mechanical and building construction industry. Insulating the walls and piping to contain the cold or preserve the heat made sense to the engineers, builders and owners who were building small and large buildings throughout Chicago. During the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933, a dependable source of work was the insulating of cold water lines to the drinking fountains throughout the Fair.

The first office of the Company was at 444 N. LaSalle Street in Chicago. Paul leased the first floor for his office and storage of equipment and materials. Little jobs begot larger ones and the Paul J. Krez Company insulated all the heating piping and the boiler stack in the Merchandise Mart being built by Marshall Fields and Company. The Field Building at 135 South LaSalle Street was the last high rise building of the Depression and Paul J. Krez Company insulated all of the piping, hot and cold, in the building. The first building of the “New Chicago” was The Prudential Building (1950) on Randolph Street and Paul J. Krez Company insulated all of the piping and ductwork.

Paul J. Krez was President of the company from 1909 till he died in 1925. John Krez, succeeded Paul J. Krez as President from 1925 till 1955. Leonard Krez, succeeded John Krez as President from 1955 till 1974. Paul J. Helmer, succeeded Leonard Krez as President from 1974 – 1994. Paul K. Helmer, succeeded Paul J. Helmer as President in 1994.

From 1909 – 1965, Paul J. Krez Company’s main source of revenue was pipe covering and insulation. In 1965, Spray Insulation Inc. was acquired and began our fireproofing and spray insulation business. In 1981, Barrier Corp. was acquired and began our floor leveling and decorative floor business. In 2000, John Caretti & Co. was acquired and began our terrazzo and polished concrete business.

In 2010, KREZ GROUP became the banner flown to represent all of the companies within Paul J. Krez Company.

Since 1909, our success and longevity can be attributed to one reason: QUALITY WORK AT A FAIR PRICE FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW AND TRUST.

Banking Institution

Our clients contact KREZ GROUP for our services because they are confident we will be there for them through the course of the job and beyond.

Our relationship with American Community Bank is strong and secure because American Community Bank builds relationships with companies that have strong balance sheets and who manage their business professionally.   KREZ GROUP’s credit lines and working capital accounts with American Community Bank ensures our clients we are able to withstand the ups and downs of the construction marketplace.

Bonding and Surety

For many years, KREZ GROUP and Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland have teamed together to provide our customer with Payment and Performance Bonds.

For large projects, the KREZ GROUP can provide up to $10M Single Project Bonding capability.

Job Site Safety

All KREZ GROUP companies begin operations on your job site with Safety as a top priority.  Our Supervisors, Foremen and Tradesmen take great care to see that the work space and adjacent areas remain clear of potential hazards. An established job site safety plan remains in place from start to finish, including job site clean up, in an effort to minimize the potential for job site injuries and accidents. KREZ GROUP is dedicated to the successful and timely completion of your project and that includes keeping your project accident free.  Click Here for the Safety Manual.