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How can I contact you to initiate your services?

Simply call our main number and ask for Paul Helmer, the owner of The Krez Group. He also can be reached on his cell phone at (847) 921-3491 or by email at phelmer@krezgroup.com.

Can you visit our site and provide us with a free proposal?

Yes. We pride ourselves on being able visit the jobsite in a timely manner to understand the customer’s needs and provide options they may not have thought about as well as pricing for the work.

In addition, we can provide samples and onsite mock-ups at no charge, so you can see exactly what you will be purchasing and how it will look in your setting.

Can we see work similar to our project that you are currently performing and that has been completed?

Yes. We would be happy to arrange for you to see our work in progress on a job similar to your own. We can arrange to meet you on site and review in detail all aspects of our work from set-up to installation and clean up. If possible, we will arrange time for you to talk to our customers while you are on-site as well. If we do not have an ongoing project similar to your own, we will be happy to show you a completed project.

Can you help with providing budgets for our project?

Yes. We also will provide any value-engineering ideas that can improve your project and possibly reduce costs. We have vast and cutting-edge knowledge and resources in the many niche markets in which we operate, and we are happy to allow you to “pick our brains” to uncover new ideas that you can consider that will improve the aesthetics, functionality, and cost effectiveness of the project you are creating.

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Can I combine work for several of the KREZ Group companies under one contract to reduce our paperwork?

Yes. Work started by one Krez Group company can simply be added to via Change Order to include the work by another Krez Group company. We will handle everything internally so you receive single source responsibility.

Does Barrier Corp. perform work outside of the Chicagoland area?

Recently, for instance, we have performed work for customers in:

  • Bloomington, Illinois
  • Champaign, Illinois
  • Peoria, Illinois
  • Whiting, Indiana
  • Towson, Maryland
Is Barrier Corp. a union shop?

Yes. Barrier Corp. is a 100% union shop, using tradesmen from the following unions:

  • Operating Engineers Union
  • Cement Masons Union
  • Laborers Union
  • Carpenters Union
Can you provide a list of satisfied customers who can be contacted to obtain a reference for your work and your service?

Yes. We have a long list of Satisfied Customers who are willing to discuss their project and the work that Barrier Corp. provided. You are more than welcome to contact any of them to better understand our level of commitment to service your project.