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Cementitious Fireproofing

Cementitious or wet mix fireproofing is mixed with water and pumped under pressure through hoses to a nozzle where air is introduced. The wet slurry is then broadcast onto structural steel surfaces. The inherent fire resistive mechanism of products is the release of water, in the form of steam, when exposed to elevated temperatures. Products are available in standard, medium and high density for use indoors and on building exteriors. We provide customers with cementitious fireproofing from vendors such as W.R. Grace & Co., Isolatek International and Carboline Co.

Mineral Fiber

Mineral Fiber or dry mix fireproofing consists of mineral wool fibers and a binder of either plaster or Portland cement. Products are conveyed pneumatically in dry form through hoses to a nozzle at which point water is introduced, activating the binder as it is projected onto structural steel. This product insulates the steel from temperature rise by limiting heat flow, achieving fire resistance. Products are available in standard and medium density for use in tempered and untempered indoor applications. Isolatek International is just one of the approved vendors of mineral fiber fireproofing with whom we have partnered.

Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent fireproofing differs from cementitious and mineral fiber fireproofing in that its paint like appearance allows it to be left permanently exposed creating a dramatic architectural affect. Applied like paints and coatings with airless spray equipment, Intumescent fireproofing actually burns when exposed to fire, forming a layer of char that ultimately insulates the structural steel from further temperature rise. Vendors of Intumescent fireproofing who we have partnered with include Albi Manufacturing, Isolatek International and Carboline Co.,

Rigid Board Fire Protection

Rigid Board Fire Protection is not a spray-applied product, but rather compressed mineral fiber boards installed mechanically onto structural steel surfaces. These products are intended for use to solve unique installation challenges posed by weather conditions during construction, existing occupancy conditions and end use environmental quality constraints. We partner with companies such as Isolatek International and Albi Manufacturing to provide quality rigid board fireproofing.

Acoustical Plasters & Finishes consisting of thin applications of finish plaster or decorative mineral fibers are applied over drywall and intended for use in exposed applications like conference rooms, classrooms, restaurants … wherever a decorative finish with superior acoustical properties is needed. We have partnered with International Cellulose Corp, Pyrok, Inc., Isolatek International and USG Interiors to provide superior acoustical plasters and finishes.

Acoustical Insulations, usually installed at thicknesses exceeding 1″, primarily consist of mineral or organic fibers and are used where noise reduction is more important than appearance. Vendors of acoustical insulation products with whom we have partnered include International Cellulose Corp, Isolatek International and ThermaCoustic Industries.

Mineral Fiber & Organic Fiber Insulation, unique blends of either inorganic (mineral wool), manufactured (glass fiber) or organic (cellulose) material, are  well-suited to provide ideal energy efficiency and high thermal resistance. They separate heated from unheated spaces, regulate condensation and reduce air infiltration. Vendors of fibrous insulation products with whom we have partnered include Isolatek International, International Cellulose Corp and ThermaCoustic Industries.
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation in low density, open-cell and high density, closed-cell versions, is a highly efficient spray-applied foam insulation and an effective air barrier. Some products also act as vapor retarders. Foam insulation products adhere well and can be readily applied to complex shapes completely filling voids and spaces. BASF, Bay Systems and Icynene are some of the foam insulation vendors with whom we have partnered to provide quality products.


In conjunction with its other fireproofing and insulation services, Spray Insulations, Inc. offers customers effective fire resistive joint treatments designed to prevent heat and fire from traveling between adjacent spaces. Our professional staff carefully considers every detail of your project to ensure you receive the right product and system to fit your unique firestopping situation.
Fire resistive caulks and sprays are specially formulated to seal the joints between floors and walls at slab edges and between the tops of walls and underside of floor decking to prevent the spread of heat and fire from one floor to the next or one room to the next. Sealing the linear openings created at these intersections can contain fires.
Spray Insulations, Inc. partners with vendors like 3M, Hilti, Inc. and Grace Construction Products to provide superior firestopping installations.
Spray Insulations, Inc. professionals work with a highly trained Union workforce to ensure the firestopping product you need is applied properly meeting project specifications. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and firestopping product solutions.