Spray Insulations is proud to have worked with industry leaders on a large and ever growing list of projects.


Palmer House Restoration (Chicago, IL)

This challenging historic renovation of the 100+ year old Palmer House Hotel presented an opportunity for Spray Insulations to highlight its capabilities inrenovation work as well as hospitality construction. Starting with a small contract to fireproof miscellaneous structural revisions for new stairs, mechanical openings and a new garage ramp, our participation grew to include upgrading the fire resistance of the existing lower level garage areas with extensive mechanical reinforcement, cementitious fireproofing and firestopping

  • General Contractor – Pepper Construction Co.
  • Architect – Loebl Schlossman & Hackl
  • Owner – Thor Equities/Hilton Hotels

Arboretum Lakes Re-roof Project (Lisle, IL)

Spray Insulations installed the original cementitious fireproofing for this 1987 office building. When a major re-roofing project in 2007 caused extensive damage we were able to spotlight our expertise with rigid board fireproofing while retrofitting within a finished, occupied and operating workspace. After our initial attempt to repair small amounts of fireproofing visibly delaminated due to the re-roof project revealed a much greater problem, it was decided to forego a spray-applied solution and proceed with an installation of rigid board fireproofing over the course of several weekends. Working round-the-clock between the close of business on Fridays and open of business on Mondays, this project was completed with minimal interruption to the building tenants and with the gratitude of the customer.

  • Owner – Hamilton Partners