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Is SII Union or non-Union?

SII is proud of its long standing Union affiliations with the Plasterers, Carpenters and Laborers locals.

Does SII provide services for Residential developments and projects?

SII is primarily a commercial construction contractor and will work on multi-family dwelling projects. We generally do not solicit single family residential work unless very large.

What is the Rating per inch of Fireproofing?

Fireproofing, like all fire resistive products, does not have a rating by itself. Ratings are assigned to complete assemblies such as floors, roofs or walls which must be constructed in strict accordance with published test results in order to achieve the rating indicated. The use of fireproofing in conjunction with other components makes it possible to achieve ratings of up to 4 hrs.

What is the typical Rating required for Fireproofing?

Ratings are based on Building Code requirements and are determined based on the size of the building, its height, the number of stories, its use and whether it is sprinklered or not.

How much does Fireproofing cost?

Fireproofing costs are based on many factors including the type of fireproofing used, what it is protecting and the ratings required.

Why are there different types of Fireproofing?

Some fireproofing products are intended for tempered interior use whereas others can be used in untempered conditions and still others may be used for exterior use. Most fireproofing products are intended to be concealed from view in its end use, while others are intentional left exposed to view for dramatic effect. Of course, costs will vary among products and uses.

How long will Fireproofing last?

When properly installed and maintained, fireproofing will last for the life of the building.

Does SII do Batt or Rigid Insulation work?

Spray-applied fireproofing and insulation is SII’s forte. Although we are always eager to provide service to our customers, we generally do not solicit Batt or Rigid insulation work.

Will SII provide Budgeting & Design assistance?

Yes, we are very happy to provide free design & budgeting help to our customers.