John Caretti & Co. is one of the country’s leading Terrazzo contractors bringing decades of experience and dedication to every project. Highly trained craftsmen and support staff evaluate the specific needs of every project and assist in selecting aggregate, matrix color and design dimensions. We offer a variety of Terrazzo products, services, and LEED accreditations.


Epoxy Terrazzo

This thin-set product, 3/8 inches thick is available in unlimited matrix colors from which we can mix a wide variety of natural and exotic aggregates.

Select your design, terrazzo, colors and layout, and John Caretti’s team of experts will transform your vision into reality.

Terrazzo Restoration

John Caretti & Co. provides high quality Terrazzo Restoration services for clients wishing to retain the classic appearance and appeal of an original floor. Existing terrazzo floors no matter the age can be restored to a designer’s original vision with a combination of cleaning, patching and refinishing.

Our library of formulas recorded over the last sixty years combined with our experience gives John Caretti an advantage in matching existing terrazzo floors.