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What types of Terrazzo does Caretti offer its clients?

Carretti experts design and install Epoxy Terrazzo, Sand Cushion Terrazzo and Rustic Terrazzo systems. We also provide complete Terrazzo Restoration services and a very low maintenance High Polished Terrazzo.

How thick is Terrazzo?

Thickness varies on the Terrazzo product you select. Epoxy Terrazzo is 3/8″ thick, and Sand Cushion Terrazzo is normally 3” thick.

Does Caretti make Terrazzo samples?

Samples are supplied for no charge on John Caretti projects. All other samples can be manufactured for a fee.

How much does Terrazzo cost?

Several factors are considered when determining the per-square-foot price of a Terrazzo floor system including the type of Terrazzo chosen, size of the floor area, number of colors in the design, aggregate mix design and divider strip layout.  Contact our professionals for customized pricing.

Can Caretti give budget pricing?

Provided with project details, Caretti’s Terrazzo experts can give budget pricing.

Where can we view previously installed John Caretti projects?

In addition to the sample project photo galleries available on this site, please call us and we’ll help you view the specific type of work in which you are interested.

Can Caretti patch and repair existing Terrazzo?

Yes, both Sand Cushion and Epoxy Terrazzo can be patched. However, because marble and cement are natural products slight variations in the patches may occur.

Is Terrazzo easy to clean?

Yes, a low PH soap & water solution cleans Terrazzo easily.

What are the ranges of colors available?

The pallet of Epoxy Terrazzo is limitless, whereas Sand Cushion is limited in matrix color and aggregate.

Does Caretti install other floor systems?

John Caretti & Co. also install Polished Concrete and a variety of Industrial Flooring systems that meet the needs for which a building or room is intended.