Solution Provider to the Chicagoland Flooring Industry Since 1981

For nearly 4 decades, Barrier Corp has been providing Solutions to our customers’ flooring problems. We bring you our expertise, our knowledge of the latest technology available and our professionalism, so that you can move forward in the best possible manner on your project.

There’s never a charge for us to come out to see your project and to share our expertise and our ideas with you!


Floor Prep
Encapsulating Floors
Renovation projects often uncover substrates with all types of “Undesirables”.  Whether is VCT, Mastic, Wood, Carpet Adhesives, Soft Concrete, Mud Set or Epoxies, Barrier Corp. offers several products that can be poured directly over all of these items  to provide a flat, smooth new underlayment  or exposed topping with a compressive strength of at least 4,000 psi.


Floor Leveling

Engineered Floors
Whether you need your floor brought to a Floor Level Tolerance of Level, 1/8” per 10’, 1/4″ per 10’ or 1/2″ per 10’ Barrier Corp. can engineer your existing floor to your required Floor Level Tolerance.

At no cost to you, we survey the existing floor area on a 5’x5’ or 10’x10’ grid pattern to determine what the existing is doing relative to a level floor.  From there we “Engineer” the floor to your required Floor Level Tolerance and then “pin” the floor on each grid point with the thickness of infill needed to bring the existing substrate to the required Floor Level Tolerance.

After-pour floor surveys are often required to show evidence that the installed products have indeed met the required Floor Level Tolerance.

Acoustical Floors
Acoustical floors are often required in residential projects were noise – either sound transmission of voices (STC) or impact noise such as a bouncing basketball in the unit above (IIC) – is a real concern.

To meet those needs, Barrier Corp. offers a variety of sound-attenuation mats. The sound matt is installed under the poured underlayment to increase both the STC and IIC ratings of the floor assembly.


Radiant Heat Floors
Today many residential projects desire heated floors in many areas of the house. This can be achieved with hot water running through tubes that are poured within the gypsum underlayment. The tubes radiate heat into the gypsum concrete which then radiates heat to warm the tile, carpet or wood throughout the room.

Decorative / Exposed Floors
Stained, Stamped and Colored Toppings and Concrete
The elegance and simplicity of stained, Stamped and Colored toppings and concrete has transformed the construction industry, expanding the designer’s palette and creating a new spectrum of unique appearances. Architects, developers, and homeowners all benefit from being able to create more interesting surroundings with low maintenance requirements.

Polishable Toppings
If the existing substrate is not worthy of polishing as the finished floor, a thin topping can be installed over the existing substrate to provide a smooth and consistent look that can also be polished to look like a polished concrete floor.

Epoxy / Resinous Floors
Epoxy floor came be a thin coating of 1/16” or a 1/4″ troweled down urethane cement floor.

Both types of Epoxy floors are used throughout the construction industry.

Concrete Moisture Mitigation
With today’s fast building schedules combined with LEED and the use of LW Concrete, the need to stop the moisture from coming out of the concrete and causing flooring failure is here.

Barrier Corp. is well equipped to install concrete moisture mitigation systems quickly. It may seem like an additional cost to the project, but these systems guaranty there will not be any flooring failures from the concrete releasing moisture for up to 25 years.

Traffic Coatings
Traffic-bearing waterproofing systems provide protection to the concrete substrates that lower maintenance costs, prolong the service life of substrates, and prevent scaling and spalling while providing excellent crack-bridging capabilities to prevent leaks in parking garages, balconies, stadiums, and mechanical rooms.

The systems available comprise Vehicular Traffic Coatings, Pedestrian Traffic Coatings, and Mechanical & Equipment Room Traffic Coatings. To ensure the highest level of quality control, top manufacturers require their installers to be certified. Barrier Corp. offers crews with more than 20 years of experience installing these products.